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Growing your email list and social media followers should be easy.

Most digital CEO's grow their audience using methods that take a long time (SEO can take 6 to 12 months!) or cost a lot of money (Facebook Ads cost up to $50 to acquire a webinar lead!). It shouldn't take forever or cost a fortune to grow your business, but getting traffic and building an audience using traditional methods isn't' getting any easier.

The Problem?

The cost to acquire a new customer in both time and money is skyrocketing. Digital advertising revenue is expected to hit 332 billion dollars by 2021. The average word count for viral sharing content on social media is 3,000 words. The 'pay to play' economy is here... unless you have a rapid and repeatable system for traffic and audience growth. 

The solution?

Smart Viral Giveaways™

Imagine growing ALL of your email and social audiences AT THE SAME TIME at a lower cost than any other growth methods. Giveaways, when done correctly, allow you to do just that.

Running a giveaway can be a bit of a mess if you're not following a plan. What should you giveaway? What software to use? How do you make sure only valid emails get through? We tested all the variables and created a process called Smart Viral Giveaways™ to answer all of these questions and more. Discover this entire new strategy in a Free Online Workshop.

Email List Growth

Social Media Growth

Boost SEO Rankings

Reliable Scalability

"Giveaways are one of the most cost efficient growth methods you’ll ever use."

Noah Kagan

"[Our giveaway] resulted in a $20,000 profit for the store & captured 30,000 new emails!"

Jared Goetz
- Forbes

" attract a more targeted customer base that is more likely to engage..."

Aaron Everson
Fast Company

"One channel won’t make your business anymore. Adopt an omnichannel approach."

Neil Patel

Ready to grow? It's simple.

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Imagine never worrying about traffic or business growth again. How will your business improve when you discover how to reliably grow your audience?

Who we help:

If you have an online business that needs new visitors and traffic in order to thrive and make a positive impact in the world, you're in the right place.

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   Course Creators


  Speakers & Coaches


   SaaS Companies


Join the movement.

Giveaways are used by companies of all sizes and in nearly every niche. Why? Because giveaways add targeted traffic and leads to your email and social audiences at the lowest cost.

Works with your software.

Our Smart Viral Giveaways™ strategy works with your current software stack.

We've been there too.

Starting and growing a business isn't easy. Like you, we understand what's it's like to feel burnt out and frustrated by all the noise and too many options. That's why we started Giveaway Labs - to make growing an audience for your business fun and easy again. 

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Experience you can trust.

12 Years of Online Experience

With 12 years of online marketing experience we can help you grow your email list and social media subscribers fast, no matter what niche or business model you have.

Millions of People Reached

Between giveaways, social and email campaigns our marketing efforts have reached millions of people.

Giveaways Are All We Do

We've refined the giveaway process into the most effective growth strategy you've ever seen. Skip the trial and error and learn from countless hours of testing and proven growth with Giveaway Labs.

Why giveaways? Why now?

Growing your email list is the one thing that makes everything else easier. It's your lead domino. What do star athletes, actors, influencers, and NY Times bestselling authors have in common? They have massive audiences of raving fans who they can communicate with at a moments notice. You don't need to be a star athlete or award winning musician, you just need a reliable method for growing an audience. Want to know what product to ship next? Ask your email subscribers. Want to gain strategic partnerships with other businesses? Promote their products once or twice to your followers. 

Compared to traditional methods for scaling up your audience, giveaways are faster to setup and cost less. Done right, your giveaway may even become a direct revenue source in your business.

Whether you're using facebook ads or SEO thecost to gain a customer for your buisness has skyrocketed. This wasn't always the case. In fact, in 2018 alone costs have more than doubled. Giveaways however, leverage the power of existing audiences to grow your email list and social channels at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. 

Using Artificial Intelligence and smart targeting you can put your giveaway in front of people who are most likely to buy later on based on existing customer lists or traffic you already have. No list? No traffic? Not to worry. We'll show you how to start from scratch. 

Your audience is your business.

What happens if you ignore audience growth? Unfortunately it means that every other area of your business starts to suffer. It could also mean the millions of people your product or service could have helped will never see what you have to offer. Only you can make growing your audience priority #1. We can help.


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"How Using Smart Viral Giveaways Grew Our Email List to 101,659 People... For Free"

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Presenter: Ryan Lex - Viral Growth Expert

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